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Improve Access to Clean Water

The village of Buwunga currently gets all of its water from the nearby lake (approximately one kilometer away); women and children spend much of their day carrying plastic cans of water up and down a steep slope.

This priority initiative supports installation of rainwater harvesting equipment at the school and in a central structure within the village. Gutters, collection tanks and related infrastructure to be installed.

Two rainwater harvesting stations, each capable of storing 20,000 liters.

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Improve Access to Health Services & Health Education

Train and equip a 10-person village health team to supply first-aid services, provide general healthcare and offer health education. The team will effectively manage patient needs and refer more serious cases to a higher degree of care. All team training will be provided by district health officials and medical personnel from the Kabanga Health Center 3.

Fully-trained and equipped village health team

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Improve the Wellbeing of Dissatisfied Youth

Establish a youth center at the local school. Literacy and health education classes will be provided, along with counseling and athletic programs for both boys and girls—all to promote regular engagement and the adoption of healthy lifestyles.

Development of youth center with furnishings and solar lights. Youth leaders to be identified and trained, and athletic gear to be procured in conjunction with establishing an athletic program.